Hero Activity - Strategy Meeting

TCC engaged Dr Scott Champion to facilitate a one-day workshop in Stratford on Tuesday 7th February in Stratford. The purpose of the workshop was to further the development and focus of Taranaki Catchment Communities (TCC) and its constituent groups by considering:

1.       Impact through what we have now

a.       How might we best support existing groups?

b.       How do we improve what we do?

c.       How do we ensure effective communications and engagement with our groups and with the broader public through effective storytelling and media presence?

d.       What does good ‘service delivery’ from TCC to member groups look like?

e.       How do we best support member groups to achieve their objective?

f.        What is a catchment group and how do we standardise/organise ourselves?

g.       How do we best use the project funding we have across the next 6 months?

2.       Enhancing our impact in the future

a.       What do we do with the next round of funding over the next 2 years?

b.       How might we support new groups (but manage the risk of diluting our funds)

c.       How do we fund ourselves and create sustainable groups (prepare for two years’ time and a different funding environment)?

d.       What does good engagement look like and how do we draw people in?

e.       What collaborations are needed and how do we ensure these are effective e.g. with DairyNZ and B+LNZ?

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