Taranaki Catchment Communities has helped to create a Good Farm Planning Hub, by farmers and for farmers. 

It offers free resources, advice and events to help farmers improve their agrii-business, farm and environment, through good planning. Good Farm resources are designed to cover all aspects of Integrated Farm Planning, while showcasing stories of farmers just like you who have taken their planning by the horns. We hope these resources will support, inspire, educate and entertain you, because let’s face it, we all know the thought of putting time aside to plan is painful! Good Farm is here to ease that pain.

This Good Farm project is a three-year project run by Taranaki Catchment Communities and funded by MPI’s Integrated Farm Planning Accelerator Fund. Taranaki Catchment Communities works with 16 catchments across Taranaki, and about 600 farmers.

The Good Farm project covers the topics of:
General Farm Business Planning
Waste Management
Animal Welfare
Intensive Winter Grazing
Greenhouse emissions
Freshwater planning