Why our community will want to be involved

Personal motivators are complex, and everyone is driven by a different why. It could be saving money, helping the environment, building better resilience on-farm, futureproofing, acting now to help reduce climate change, creating a strong value-proposition for consumers, staying ahead of compliance and regulation or even just wanting to feel a little better about doing something good.

About the project

This project kicks off with 20 free farm energy assessments to understand how we can best make savings on-farm. We will be holding a series of workshops with farmers and stakeholders to further explore energy efficiency and drivers.

All that amazing data will eventually become a toolkit, guidelines, products and services to help all farmers in Taranaki and across New Zealand make small changes that deliver big energy savings. Because it just makes sense!

This project is exciting, and we believe will make a big difference to farmers. We will be inspiring, we will look to understand our farmer drivers and move them to action, we will activate, support and build momentum throughout the life of the project. 

If you are interested in a free farm assessment or know someone who is, get in touch quick!

We have an amazing collaboration

We couldn’t do this without Taranaki Regional Council, Federated Farmers, Venture Taranaki and we’re working closely with EECA, Powerco and Todd Energy and appreciate their support.

Throughout the project we are engaging with stakeholders.

Our timeline

  • October 2023: Launch the Project and build a network of champions

  • October 2023: Call for Taranaki farmers to be part of the assessments

  • October 2023: Start the workshops

  • October to early 2024: On-farm assessments

  • 2024: Create toolkit, products, services, guidelines

  • 2024: Roll out nationally

 EMAIL US  saveenergyonfarm@taranakicc.nz

Frequently asked questions

I’m a farmer and would like to have a free assessment.

Get in quick! There are only 20-free energy assessments on offer. 

It’s an amazing opportunity to understand your energy usage on farm. The farms selected will become leaders in their community, taking short-term actions to reduce energy usage and updating their plans for longer-term opportunities.

I’m a farmer. What does applying for an assessment mean for me?

Firstly, applying does not guarantee you get one of the 20-assessments – there are limited spaces and we encourage you to apply quickly. 

If you are successful in being selected for the free assessment, you will need to invest a small amount of time providing some farm and energy information to the advisor. When the recommendations are ready, you will review them with the advisor. We want to work with farmers that are serious about energy savings and hope the actions will be captured in your long-term farm plan to be invested in over time. There will be some quick return savings and some which will take longer to realise. Our team will work with you to help make your energy saving steps as easy as possible.

I’m happy to tell people about this project.

We’d love for you to share this project with your farming contacts and encourage them to sign up to this free assessment and resulting opportunities. 

I want to be a co-creator of the resources for farmers.

If you’re part of an organisation that’s living and breathing supporting farmers, why not join us in co-creating the resources that farmers and their advisors can use to save energy, money, carbon and so much more… 

You may have a way to help farmers overcome barriers to reducing their energy usage – can you offer up a solution or financial incentive? Give us a call. 

I want to follow what’s happening. Where do I find out more information? 

You can follow us on www.facebook.com/taranakicc or www.taranakicc.nz

Or contact us directly on saveenergyonfarm@taranakicc.nz

We are also holding community BBQ events, check out the website for details for an event near you.