Media release: Save energy on-farm: It just makes sense Project underway

The Taranaki Catchment Communities led-project: Save Energy on-farm: It just makes sense got underway on Friday 13 October with a farm and agirbusiness advisors workshop. 

The Project, in conjunction with EECA, Venture Taranaki and a range of others, has been designed to help farmers make energy savings on their farms. 

Paul Turner, Taranaki Catchment Communities Project Manager says, “we know there are a range of motivators for farmers in our region about why they might want to save energy. It can range from making cost savings, building resilience into their farming systems through to wanting to help the environment and greenhouse gases by using less energy”. 

The project starts with 20-on farm energy assessments; and farmers are being encouraged to sign up now and get in quick to get their free assessment. 

Paul says “the assessments will help our local farmers understand their farm systems through an energy lens and see areas that they can make quick win changes and other areas that may take some investment to realise their energy saving. It’s the first step on an energy saving journey and an exciting one!”

The Project runs until the end of 2024 and will culminate with a range of resources for farmers that will help them make energy savings. 

“Having farm advisors from a range of businesses, such as the banks, involved early, helps us understand what barriers may exist to our farmers making energy-saving decisions. The people that attended the workshop on Friday were really excited and engaged to be part of something that could make such a huge difference”, says Paul. 

Read more about the project here.