Autumn Newsletter

Welcome to the autumn edition of our newsletter

We hope 2024 has been treating you well so far, and that you've had the chance to soak up the warm weather and holiday cheer since our last update.

Big thanks to everyone who joined us at our recent events – we loved having you there! And with plenty more coming up, be sure to jot them down in your calendar so you don't miss out on the fun. Keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook page!

Empowering Catchment Groups: Our Strategic Approach in 2024

This year, TCC continues to prioritise collaboration and collective action among catchment groups. We're putting the power in your hands to shape the future of Taranaki based on what matters most to each group.

And to kick things off, catchment group coordinators will soon be reaching out to groups to schedule meetings aimed at getting your input on potential projects going forward. We want you to think big and get creative. Consider projects that transcend conventional boundaries, whether it’s about social sustainability, helping the environment, boosting your wellbeing, or building economic resilience.

Let’s take funding concerns off the table for a moment, and focus on coming up with some great ideas! By understanding what you all want to achieve and what challenges you're facing, TCC can help find the right funding to make things happen.

We're excited to hear your project suggestions, what's getting in the way of making them happen, and any ideas you have for getting more people involved. Let's chat and see what awesome things we can do together!

We're hoping to gather everyone's thoughts and ideas by the end of May. After that, we’ll work to identify common themes and prioritise funding efforts accordingly.

As always, we're here to support you every step of the way as you work on projects that make Taranaki an even better place to live. Let's team up and make a positive difference!

Latest Updates

Our latest videos

We recently expanded our video content to delve into new initiatives, shining a spotlight on exciting biodiversity conservation efforts in Taranaki and highlighting the dedication and hard work behind them.

Our latest TCC video is all about the important work of the Taranaki Biodiversity Trust. They support a hugely diverse range of groups dedicated to restoring and preserving the unique biodiversity in the Taranaki region. In the video, GM Andy Cronin talks about the Wild for Taranaki Action Hub – the online platform that aims to link helpers with projects, giving the community the chance to get involved and be part of the action. You can watch it here.

The next TCC video, scheduled to go live in March, is about the Rotokare Halo Project – a collaborative effort aimed at making the area surrounding the reserve safer for dispersing wildlife, allowing some of our vulnerable native species to return and flourish in the community. Stay tuned to our Facebook for this insightful new video!

Good Farm Project

We’re excited to have launched the Good Farm Planning Hub, a bespoke online platform developed by farmers, for farmers, to help improve farm business, productivity and sustainability through good planning. Farmers will be able to get involved through attending talks, local events, reading online resources, or participating in relevant workshops.

The goal of this project is to support and encourage farmers to have their farm’s future plan written down and stored in one place, so that staff, family, industry regulators and farmers can all have clarity on the farm's objectives and requirements.

There have recently been significant changes in external requirements for farmers, so the Good Farm Planning Hub has been created to help farmers understand what is required, why it’s important and how it can benefit them and their business. The idea is that with a good understanding and a strong plan in place, farmers will have the direction they need to achieve their own farm goals. Good Farm will support them to develop this plan.

We have different types of farmers who are at different stages within their planning and business, so we’re trying to offer different areas of focus for everyone to reach a wide range of support, no matter where a farmer might be in their journey.

Good Farm offers three levels of information tailored to farmers at different stages of planning:

  • Why Plan? This section introduces the importance of having a long-term goal for your farm, and provides guidance on developing a general business plan, including financial planning. It serves as a starting point to help you figure out your objectives, and getting it down on paper so you can strategise the path forward. It emphasises the benefits of documenting your plan and sharing it with family, staff and regulators, to facilitate collaboration and support.

  • What do you need to know? Designed for those seeking clear advice on meeting government regulations, this section helps navigate regulatory challenges. Spending time developing a plan, only to find endless red tape once you put it into action, is costly, time-consuming, and doesn’t make for a happy farmer. Independent farming advisors provide practical advice on current regulations, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

  • Plan with Purpose! For farmers already engaged in planning and keen to stay ahead, this section offers insights into staying ahead in farming amidst changing societal, environmental and regulatory pressures. TCC collaborates with experts to develop solutions and ideas for integrated farm planning.

We hope this project will help farmers improve their businesses, overall wellbeing, and also help our industry move forward together in a positive way. Good Farm is run by TCC and funded by MPI’s Integrated Farm Planning Accelerator Fund.

We are thrilled to be launching a project that is tailored specifically to Taranaki farmers, and know there will be many positives to come from it. For more information, farmers can visit www.goodfarm.nz or stay updated on project developments through their catchment social media pages and coordinators. Stay tuned for further updates on our Facebook account!

What's been happening

The Christmas Art Competition

Let's take a moment to celebrate the fun we had with our recent Christmas Art Competition. Thanks to all who entered – we were blown away by your creativity, and guess what? We even got a shout-out on RNZ!

If you haven’t seen the amazing artworks yet, hop over to our TCC Facebook page. We’ve also included some pictures in this newsletter. A massive thank you to our sponsors for making it all possible: Ravensdown, Farm Source Taranaki, DairyNZ, Dairy Women's Network, Beef + Lamb NZ Western North Island, FMG, Rural Support Taranaki, Taranaki Regional Council, LIC, BDO Taranaki and Federated Farmers.

What sets this popular competition apart is the inventive use of farm waste, showcasing participants' creativity and environmental consciousness. Materials like filter socks, silage wrap and chopped-up wood are repurposed into stunning artworks. From the Grinch in a wild sleigh ride to an impressive elf speed camera installation, farmers really got into the Christmas spirit and added to the festive atmosphere.

Insights from Wai Comply Workshop

In December, Deirdre and Dawson from Wai Comply unveiled the findings of the Baseline Health Assessment report. This comprehensive report conducted a thorough evaluation of stream health across the Tarata catchment, establishing a solid foundation for future mitigation efforts and providing a great baseline for any mitigation activities to be measured against.

HADES field day

In December, HADES (High Altitude Dairy Environmental Solutions) hosted a field day to discuss effluent solutions titled ‘Pathways to Consent’. This workshop drew approximately 30 attendees, giving them an opportunity to connect with vendors and explore various effluent control options. Special thanks to Fred for his insightful presentation on the direction the effluent consent process in taking and its implications for HADES farmers.

Now, onto some fantastic news for HADES! They've just secured $10,000 in funding from TOI Foundation for their effluent project.

Energising the Milky Way

As you may already know, we’ve joined forces with DairyNZ to host a handful of awesome efficiency toolbox workshops. The first one, held on 23 February at Luscombe Family Farm in Okaiawa, marked the beginning of this collaboration.

Participants received an informative update on farm efficiency, courtesy of DairyNZ's toolbox series and TCC's ‘Save Energy on Farm’ project. Aaron and Jamie, experts in the field, shared insights and recommendations to optimise energy usage on farms, contributing to a more sustainable industry.

For those who couldn't attend, resources and information from the workshop are available on the Save Energy on Farm project tab on the TCC website. These resources aim to empower farmers with knowledge and tools to save money, help the environment, and enhance farm efficiency.

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops as DairyNZ and TCC continue their collaborative efforts to energise the Milky Way and drive positive change in the sector.

Upcoming Events

Catchment Groups are busy planning events in the coming months, so keep an eye on our website and on Facebook for events in your area.

Sending our best wishes to the autumn calving farms as they gear up for this busy season.

Haere ra or goodbye for now!