Progress report - Milestone 4

In May 2021, Taranaki Catchment Communities was created as an Incorporated Society looking to lead, engage and mobilise Taranaki’s rural sector in the face of mounting legislative changes.

In the one and a half years since TCC was formed, TCC has established 13 community catchment groups all around Mt. Taranaki. It’s had more than 1000 farmers attend community events and committed almost 5,000 volunteer hours to support a range of initiatives.


List of key activities since the contract was signed:

•                     1,383 people have attended planned events/meetings/workshops

•                     53 workshops/webinars have been organised

•                     32 water quality batch testing – multiple sites tested per batch

•                     28 farmers with GHG calculations for their farms from TCC supported event. Most have Fonterra or Open Country managers for these, or attended a separate Beef + Lamb workshop

•                     4,945 In Kind hours to date with a value of $375,000

Communication and collaboration have been the most important aspect of what TCC has focused on to date.  Establishing ourselves as a conduit of information between farmers and the main institutions such as the Taranaki Regional Council, DairyNZ, Beef and Lamb, Rural Support Trust, Federated Farmers and Venture Taranaki.  Working with them has meant we have a better understanding of what issues and challenges are facing our farmers and growers, and what options there are to help educate and provide support. Our focus has also turned to understanding we need a media strategy to help the rural and urban community learn about who TCC are and how catchment groups are an important part in helping lead, engage and mobilise Taranaki’s rural sector in the face of mounting legislative changes.


An example of this collaboration was when TCC and Venture Taranaki with the support of Baker Tilley and Callaghan Innovation, hosted the Taranaki Agritech Conference and Expo.  This event showcased a range of Agritech products and give farmers the opportunity to discuss directly with the team behind them.  VT did an amazing job of organising this at such short notice, and well done to Donna and Murray who were both speakers and opened the show. 


Landcare Trust Catchment forum:


A strong contingent from Taranaki Catchment Communities (TCC) travelled to Wellington to take part in this event with the Chairperson, Donna Cram, being one of the catchment leaders chosen to present. This two-day event was to bring together speakers to share their knowledge and experience in catchment management. This was an opportunity for us to be inspired, connect, discuss the latest innovations, and celebrate the important mahi being done to transition to more sustainable land use. It was aimed specifically at catchment group leaders, group members, farmers, iwi, rural professionals, agribusinesses, and resource management agencies.