Discover FACCT

Discover FACCT, our farmer-led initiative guiding rural communities through Integrated Farm Planning. Learn the 'why' and gain confidence in creating your own plan!

Niaruo Farms

Hayden Lawrence from Niaruo Farms in South Taranaki shares insights on how planning for your new dairy shed can deliver efficiencies in energy and time management.

Luscombe EECA

Join Philip Luscombe as he shares his 40-year farming journey and his efforts to save energy through solar power and other sustainable practices.

Celebrating Diversity in North Taranaki

Explore North Taranaki's agricultural diversity, where the local community is innovating for resilience. From cultivating traditional crops to experimental ventures like growing bananas and pine nuts, Taranaki farmers are paving the way for sustainable growth.

Rooting Out Trouble: Taranaki's Battle
Against Pest Plants

Learn about the ongoing challenge of invasive pest plants in our region and how Taranaki Regional Council works with farmers to eradicate them.

Conservation Collaboration: DOC &
Taranaki Farmers

Discover the collaboration between the Department of Conservation (DOC) and Taranaki farmers, driving transformative conservation projects in our region.

Riparian Planting

Discover the crucial role of riparian planting in establishing a healthy ecosystem, benefiting our native species both in water and on land.

Rotokare Halo Project

Discover how the Rotokare Halo Project is making the area surrounding the reserve safer for dispersing wildlife, allowing vulnerable native species to return and flourish in the community.

Auroa AgriKids 2021

Join us as we take a look at the success of the AgriKids programme at Auroa School, supported by Awatuna/Auroa Farming for the Future. Watch how this initiative is shaping the future of farming in our community!

Farming Today for Future Generations

Discover how each generation brings a different approach to farming and how we learn and grow as a result. Thanks to the Coogan and Hocken clan in Tarata for taking part in this insightful journey.

Wild for Taranaki

Learn about the Taranaki Biodiversity Trust's important work in supporting a diverse range of groups dedicated to restoring and preserving the unique biodiversity in the Taranaki region. GM Andy Cronin talks about the Wild for Taranaki Action Hub - the online platform that links helpers with projects, giving the community the chance to get involved.