The Urenui/Mimi/Uruti Catchment is a resourceful, well-connected community working together to enhance the resilience and wellbeing of our community and environment.


Improve rural cohesion by creating interesting and ‘feel good’ events that bring the community together to educate, share resources and ideas to increase resilience and general wellbeing.  In turn, providing opportunities to discuss the ‘hard stuff’.

Lead Farmers: TBA
Coordinator: Maria Lempriere

Strategic focus areas:

Rural Cohesion

·         Create a paper-based Local Catchment Directory that supports business growth, key contact information and governance process for the catchment (eg. who do you contact if there is an issue with your road – Clifton Community Board)

·         Establish a monthly/bi-monthly paper-based newsletter that is the conduit of information for all the community

Land and Water Management

·         Offer a series of workshops and field trips that give landowners the tools and knowledge to better manage weeds, predators and pests in their catchment

·         Encourage/establish plant eco-sourcing programme for this catchment

·         Better understand the nature of our three rivers Urenui, Uruti, Mimi Rivers.  Erosion / water quality

·         Better understand the nature of our soils in our catchment and look at ways to improve water retention and water drainage

Wellbeing and Resilience

·         Offer First Aid courses with a rural focus to refresh knowledge and upskill those new to the catchment

·         Remain connected through technology if roads are cut off – reduce isolation. [APP for contacting neighbours / Starlink – MOE]

·         Offer a series of speaker forums aimed at farmers and growers to learn from different sectors to explore new crops and methods (eg. Spencer Radcliffe would be interested to learn more about growing bananas/sub-tropicals – there have been successful studies shown where bananas have been used to managed effluent)

·         Increase preparedness in the case of severe weather events

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