The Urenui/Mimi/Uruti Catchment is a resourceful, well-connected community working together to enhance the resilience and wellbeing of our community and environment.


Improve rural cohesion by creating a range of events that bring the community together to educate, share resources and ideas to increase resilience and general wellbeing.  

Lead Farmers: TBA
Coordinator: Maria Lempriere

Strategic focus areas:

Rural Cohesion

·         Create a paper-based Local Catchment Directory that supports business growth, key contact information and governance process for the catchment (eg. who do you contact if there is an issue with your road – Clifton Community Board)

·         Establish a quarterly paper-based newsletter that is the conduit of information for all the community

Land and Water Management

·         Offer a series of workshops and field trips that give landowners the tools and knowledge to better manage weeds, predators and pests in their catchment

·         Encourage/establish plant eco-sourcing programme for this catchment

·         Better understand the nature of our rivers in the Urenui district:- Onaero, Urenui, Mimi Rivers.  Erosion / water quality

·         Better understand the nature of our soils in our catchment and look at ways to improve water retention and water drainage

Wellbeing and Resilience

·         Offer First Aid courses with a rural focus to refresh knowledge and upskill those new to the catchment

·         Offer a series of speaker forums aimed at farmers and growers to learn from different sectors to explore new crops and methods 

·         Increase preparedness in the case of severe weather events

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